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Todays iPhone Adoption



Now look…..some people freak over Football or World Cup or F1 or Dancing With The Stars. That’s fine. Not me. This is the story of a man who embraces his addiction like the trained monkey he is.ipodmonkey-241x300.jpg

I happen to have an inner geek that makes me read tech blogs and get all nuts about geekery. Top of my geek habit leader board for some time has been Apple and the iPhone. I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid since waiting in line all day for the first version.

Today, I was up at the usual early, not to geek on grass but to go gazinga over the release of the iPhone 4G. The Roseville, CA Apple store had about 700 people as dumb as me in line at 5am. I waited in line with a retired door salesman, an ex U2pilot, a jockey kid who was dumb enough to bring his hottie girlfriend to the Viking Feast, an Emo/indie rock pack of siblings and a mouth vomiting shameless promoter of God knows what vitamin line. We became friends, nay, Roundtable Knights together, as we visited about Jobs and Woz  and world domination.

iPhone.jpg3 hours or so later, my turn came. I was taken into the store wherein I claimed my new device. AT&T didn’t jack up my much deserved entitled upgrade. And four min. later I was headed out the door. Safely in cockpit of the ZealotTruck, I entered my Mobile Me account login and instantly the phone grabbed, contacts, calendars, settings and from the iDisk oriented cloud. I pulled out a cord, plugged unto my laptop and bang, iTunes synched my apps, some music, pics, ringtones and my two favorite Star Trek episodes (because you never know where you’ll be when you have to gain inspiration from Kirk making gunpowder and killing the Gorn). Next my hardcore BlueAnt Superlight Bluetooth visor mounted speakerphone was paired with the new device. A few more inputs and email from five addresses was flowing to the central tech device. 10 min in the parking lot and setup, aside from picking cool wallpaper was done. Nothing lost. Nothing duplicated. Everything perfect. Road time. Begins now!!

The iPhone 4G rocked it’s first day of work. Form factor is sleek and yet industrial. All business. I had none of the reported screen problems and really, the only want was for the White model. Not available as if yet. And I wasn’t about to wait. The thing is fast. Multitasking works great. Everything perfect. You have to love Apple for getting it this right. And to further enhance my geekery indulgence, it has a dang gyro running inside it, two cameras, a display so clear that my eyes can’t see the pixels. That’s just cool on any level.gorn1-150x150.jpg

I’d say today was a Good Day to be an early adopter. Progress report to come. Death to The Gorn!


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