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TurfHead Jam Session with Kevin Ross, Session Number 1

Dave Wilber


jam_session.jpgJoin Kevin Ross of On Course Turf and me for a Jam Session like no other!

Call it experimental or explorational or just plan fun. Kevin and I sit down for a session. And no topic is off limits. With more than 60 years of combined experience in direct hands on agronomy life, there is bound to be some wisdom. And good chops to hear.

This session includes riffs around Tiger Woods, Anxiety and Depression, Clipping Volume and more.

The mics and recorders are on.  You get to enjoy The Jam.


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I am profoundly honored to have been recognized in this discussion between two of the best friends I have made in this profession.  It is appropriate that we were introduced to each other over what was then a very fledgling Internet, first with Dave on Turfbyte, and later with Kevin via email.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with both of these great Turfheads, and even more so the friendship that developed between us.  This is what makes our world turn.  Great jam session and I look forward to the next one.

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