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Back at it: Grinding for more credibility

Parker Stancil


I recently graduated from Horry Georgetown Technical College in Myrtle Beach with an Associates Degree in Golf and Sports Turf Management. I decided I wanted to keep grinding for more credibility, therefore, I will be attending Clemson University to advance my education by majoring in AgMechanization and AgriBusiness. 


Me and two of the greatest mentors I could ask for: Charles Granger (left) & Ashley Wilkinson (right) 

My original plans for this summer included knocking out a couple tough classes before attending Clemson in the fall of 2019. However, once I was presented with the opportunity to work in Ireland over the summer, I couldn’t turn it down. 

After my summer of 2018 at Great Northern Golf Club in Keterminde, Denmark, it is safe to say I can handle the international travel well. Therefore, I have no doubts that this summer will be smooth and enjoyable. 


Mama was glad to have me back after my last trip to Denmark! 

I flew out of Charleston International Airport (CHS), connected in Boston, then touched down at the Dublin International Airport (DUB). 


Me showing off my 2 phones… 1 Irish and 1 American. That makes me seem important, right? 

I have accepted the offer for seasonal employment at Portmarnock Golf Club in County Dublin. While working at Portmarnock, I’ll be staying in a bed and breakfast with the Harris family. 


My home-away-from-home for this summer.


Hopefully I don’t experience the normal Irish weather this summer… give me sun! 

I’m excited to start work at Portmarnock GC, because I’m in love with the place already. Links Manager Gary Johnstone invited me to play 9 holes with him on one of my free days before starting work, and the true Irish links-style golf was incredibly fun. 


Gary getting ready to bomb one down the fairway.


I love the beautiful classic look of the Portmarnock clubhouse. 

The wind was gushing between 20-30 mph when we played, so it really took a toll on my game! That didn’t matter to me though, because the views, wildlife, plant life, and everything else on and around the golf course are something special.






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Go Parker!! I will never forget my visits to Portmarnock. You are in for a treat! And you  will learn to love the ground game that is so essential to links golf. Can't wait to read about your time there.

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