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Thursday kicked off right and ended almost dark...

Patrick Andrews


Before the start of my daily shift, I always eat a bowl of cereal from the canteen at Adare Manor, the best lunchroom I have ever seen. Morning options include cereal, bread, meats to make a sandwich, and fruit. There's coffee and an espresso machine if one is so inclined. Although many varieties of cereal are on offer, I always stick with Coco Puffs.


A power breakfast to begin a great day.



A stomach full of cereal and perfect dew coverage makes for a great day to mow greens. Before cutting each green, I quickly walk around, fix any pitch marks and remove any sand splash from the bunkers.


Ballmarks and sand splash are fixed before greens get cut.


My second job after greens was to roll tees with a Salsco Transformer fairway roller. I used a smaller roller back at Vineyard Golf Club but have never seen the Transformer in action. We rolled tees to help level them after a solid tine aerification was performed on them last week.

I ended the day playing a round of golf at the course with Jon Kiger and Ethan Ramsey, a Scottish member of the greenkeeping staff.  We started the round a 4:30 pm, thinking we could only make it to 14 before it got too dark, but we were able to complete all 18 by 8 pm. The only problem was that we could hardly see where our golf balls landed when hitting over the water on 18.


A late afternoon start led us to a very late finish.


The day started as a regular work day but ended with a very memorable round of golf. Just another reason why I’m fortunate to be at Adare Manor and why I will miss it when I leave in a few weeks.


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