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Hitting the ground running at Tara Iti...

Patrick Andrews


With it being only the second week here at Tara Iti many things were going on, including reshaping and seeding a private green and aerification throughout the course. 


Me with assistant Hayden Stuthridge, assistant Dylan Griffin, and Hamish Harding.

Angela Moser, who works with Renaissance Golf, shaped the private green a while back. I did not see the green shaping, but I added some final touches: leveling out sand-blown areas and picking up rocks. With all debris cleaned up, I dimpled the green with the Sand Pro. We seeded it with the same fescue blend to the course and smoothed it out afterward with an Accuform rake. Hydro-mulch was added as a protective layer to help hold moisture and protect the seed from being blown away.


Brian Palmer and Hamish Harding hydro mulching the private green, completed below.


After completing the private green, we started on aerification of the golf course. Everything was topdressed with native sand from the course. Two Dakota 440s worked fairways, and two Dakota 410s topdressed tees. Greens and surrounds were topdressed with the same sand, but Biochar was mixed into it. All of the mixing was done on-site.


Everything was topdressed with native sand from the course, with Biochar mixed in for greens and tees.

After topdressing, greens and surrounds were pencil-tined with two  ProCore 648s. Greens and surrounds were then brushed, rolled, and cut. A fungicide and fertilizer spray was applied using a Rogers Windfoil sprayer. 


Above, assistant Dylan Griffin testing out the ProCore. Below, Jake Mallett spraying greens.


This week was enjoyable. I want to give a shout-out to Jake Mallett for taking time out of his day to help find me a vehicle for my time in New Zealand. Jake is hopefully going to be joining Mike O’Keeffe's Ohio Program in the fall,


My new-to-me wheels. The right-hand drive should be interesting...

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