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An ocean of green at Tara Iti...

Patrick Andrews


Instead of a sea of red as at Adare Manor, Tara Iti is an ocean of green. I have worked with John Deere equipment at Merion, Bob O' Link, and a few pieces at Vineyard Golf Club, so I am well familiar with how to operate these John Deere units. In this blog, I will introduce the mechanics and show you the shed and break room.

Starting with the maintenance section, the mechanic Josh Murdock keeps everything in working order. Josh has an occasional assistant Greg Tailby who is a greenkeeper but will help adjust the mowers after a cut or to help with reel and bedknife sharpening.Josh is from the states, where he initially worked at Alotian Golf Club before coming to Tara Iti three years ago.


Greg Tailby on the left and Josh Murdock look after the entire fleet of mowing equipment and vehicles.

Like Adare, Tara iti uses Bernhard grinders to ensure a consistent clean cut of the fescue. Everything is sharpened on as-needed basis.


Josh putting a fresh grind on a bedknife with the Anglemaster.

The utility vehicles that fill our shed are ten petrol (gas) Gators, two electric Gators, and two Pro Gators. Our shed is filled with six 7500 E-Cut Hybrid Fairway units, four 2500 E E-Cut Hybrid triplexes (two are set at greens height and two at surround height), and ten 220 E-Cut Hybrid walk mowers. The HD300 GPS boom sprayer arrived here a few weeks ago and is fun to watch as it travels around the course. I hope to learn more about the sprayer in the coming months.


The break room is upstairs, and it is a great place to start and end the day in because it is fitted nicely with a few bean bag chairs where I spend most of my down time, a dishwasher, and fridges. This is also where we have our morning meeting at 6 am before we head out onto the course.



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