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Why I’m Lucky To Know Great Turfheads

Dave Wilber


It's been a crazy few weeks. 


GIS Sales Rodeo. The Resulting Post GIS Illness. Many Road Miles. Oh, and the Big One. f07875d7e60b1056c8c9e29b5b828ff0-.jpg


That's right, the Big One. The Sierra Pacific Spring Symposium. Wherein the amazing organization that I work with puts on two amazing days of education, hang time and golf.


My marketing counter-part, Dean Kinney and I pretty much do this whole thing. Administratively we each look in the mirror and tell our assistants what to do. And our assistants speak back with the task list for us. And mostly the details get handled. Mostly.


When 130 people converge on any one place, they are going to have needs. And for the most part, those needs get met by our efforts to be overly prepared. Same goes with our Doctor speakers. I mean really, who never met a high maintenance PhD?


Seriously, this years speakers were flawless and needed very little. Even our keynote speaker, the esteemed head of Nicklaus Design agronomy, Jon Scott, required very little beyond the usual care and feeding. And his talk on The Sustainable Superintendent should be required for all Turfheads.

I never know what I'll actually really learn from others.


Yawn, Dave. Big deal. You put on a meeting. Well sure. That's true. It's not spectacular freestyle. And after 5 years, we ought to know how to do this.


So here is the point. You see, I never know what I'll actually learn from others. And this year, I uncluttered my mind a bit and really made a point out of listening to the amazing conversations of the people around me. It was like mining gold. I swear, Woodrow, the things that people say. The great and wonderful stories they tell. The things they have experienced.


Next time you are thinking that you might miss a Gathering of The Turfheads, think again. Because here are two truths.


One, you will miss out on some incredible conversation.


Two, somebody will definitely benefit from what you have to share.


You can't diminish either one of those facts unless you really think you can do it alone. I consider myself so very lucky. I was selected by the universe to sit amidst the Turfheads and receive. That's cool.


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