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Test Your Job Survivability

Jim McLoughlin


Time to pause the series to measure your evaluation of your job security and life balance. Be honest; don't cheat on yourself. Read each line below from left to right; marking the left or right column which ever is more applicable.  (For a PDF of this checklist, click here.)




Grade Ratings:

Pick Left Column 24 out of 31 times = A Grade.

Pick Left Column 20 out of 31 times = B Grade.

Pick Left Column 16 out of 31 times = C Grade.

Pick Left Column 12 out of 31 times = D Grade.

Pick Left Column 10 out of 31 times = F Grade.


If you score below a C grade above, some people may think you are not doing a professional job; hopefully, not your employer.


Also, the list of 31 criteria presented above is a good checklist for you to review - item by item - to identify where you might need to upgrade your job/life performance.




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