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Personal Appearance Matters - A Lot

Jim McLoughlin


Nothing delivers a negative message to employers and everyone else on a golf course campus more directly that a superintendent has defaulted into a laissez-faire work ethic than a poorly dressed, obviously out-of-shape body.


Following is a list of personal appearance guidelines that superintendents should follow:

  1. Physical Fitness: Superintendents owe it to themselves, their families and their employers to strive to be physically fit throughout life because: they will live longer; deliver a better job performance, enjoy life more, and be a better role model to their children.


  2. Personal Dress Code: As a general rule, superintendents tend to under-dress when off duty, limiting their dress code to a sport jacket and slacks.


    Nothing wrong with wearing a sport jacket and slacks most of the time, but there are those few occasions each year when a superintendent should be seen in a well-cut business suit and tie; for example - when attending club functions such as annual meetings, civic gatherings, holiday parties with constituents, etc.


    Superintendents should always dress to match the dress quality and style of those attending the same event as they are.


  3. Negotiate Access To A Club Luncheon Program:


    To create an added professional visibility not normally seen when at their work places, veteran superintendents should negotiate access to a luncheon benefit at their club restaurants with a modest +/- $500 annual budget allowance to pay for meals consumed...


    ... together with access to a personal locker in the men's locker room which would allow the superintendents to take a shower and change into proper attire prior to eating lunch in the clubhouse.

At those golf courses when a superintendent earns this benefit the club should post the following on its web site/newsletter, etc.:


"The club is pleased to advise that superintendent John Smith has earned the privilege to eat lunch in the club restaurant. (Golf professional Harry Jones is also eligible to receive the same benefit.) This coutesy applies to John and his wife alone but not to his children and does not convey any membership status on John; furthermore, as a policy matter, John may not pay for the lunch of a member, nor may a member buy lunch for John."


Then, superintendents should have lunch in the clubhouse once a week on the average either alone, or when invited to join board and golf/green committee members, the members of the club administration, the golf professional, or club members.


If superintendents want to be perceived as professional people when having lunch in the clubhouse, they should dress the role in a clean and crisp manner.


Keeping a job today is everything about commanding respect. Don't give it away through sloppy personal and dress habits.


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