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The Turfgrass Zealot Project, Episode One, with special guest Mike Kosak

Dave Wilber


Join me for the very first episode of the Turfgrass Zealot Project with my guest Mike Kosak.


Get to know the real Dave Wilber as I tell a bit of my story and am joined by superintendent legend Mike Kosak, the first superintendent I worked for in the golf business 30-some years ago. Mike fashioned a career starting with building nine golf holes by himself, then went on to become superintendent, then general manager, then GM with an ownership interest, and then 'back to the dirt" as a superintendent again (by choice)... at some of the best golf facilities in the country.


"Work hard... do a good job, and good things will happen." - Mike Kosak


"I still believe, even with all the changes that have taken place within golf, that there is still the opportunity to do well..." - Mike Kosak



To download the .mp3 file for offline listening, click/tap here and select "Save/Save Target As".



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