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Randy Wilson: Here at the 'Rock

Buddy and Ludell in "Growing The Game"

Posted in Rockbottum Philosophy 14 December 2017 · 484 views

Watch this special "Mystic Order of Greenkeepers" film and discover one of the more satisfying ways to stabilize the game.


Christmas at Rockbottum...

Posted in Storytime, Skeletal Golf, Rockbottum Radio 05 December 2017 · 463 views

In this podcast on Rockbottum Radio, I provide some Christmas Tips from Rockbottum, including:

  • dealing with kids at Christmas
  • speeding up play (hint: "Fill 'em, sod 'em, mow 'em")
  • making golf affordable and fun
  • doing something with the "r" word

PLUS: Skeletal Golf Predictions and Projections!


Lastly, I wind it up with a golf course Christmas story in Storytime.


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Ludell's Three Things You Need To Know

Posted in Skeletal Golf 20 November 2017 · 819 views

*Note:  This week's guest columnist is Ludell Hogwaller.


There are three things "they" are hiding from you, so I guess it's up to us Ludditians to fire a warning flare, since half our day isn't consumed with all that social media mutual admiration society fawning and gushing and smoke blowing.


First, there are dark rumors going around about veteran superintendents supposedly being terminated for making mistakes like having the audacity to disagree with the new wave of "M" board members... or maybe it's just for being older than 47.


. . . frog-marched us off his lawn because we weren't wearing all white.


Next, croquet is spreading.  Where I live, every big club is either building or expanding their croquet facilities.  I have been told, by a credible but unnamed source, that croquet is more popular at some clubs than golf.  Perhaps it's due to the aging of country club clientele or how long it takes to play a round of golf now, but whatever is behind it, I do know this:  We had all better study up on croquet if we don't want to get caught behind the wave.

There are rules to croquet that you need to know, especially if you want to avoid something embarrassing, like what happened to Buddy and me last week.  We were playing croquet -- you know, just checking it out -- and this angry official accosted us and frog-marched us off his lawn because we weren't wearing all white.  Apparently all white uniforms are important during croquet.


Well, we went out to the truck to change and came back wearing all white, in fact, the only white clothing we own, our Tighty-Whiteys.  This infuriated the aforementioned referee fellow and he threatened us with a mallet and that was when we learned that croquet keeps you in pretty good shape, because for a guy in his late 90s, he sure put up a good struggle.  It took both of us to hold him down and he refused to holler "Calf Rope" no matter how hard we twisted his good leg.


Item #3:  Denmark.  I'll bet you didn't know that golf courses in Denmark are not allowed to use pesticides.  Talk about Skeletal Golf... I read where a golfer from the US was playing a course in Copenhagen and saw a dandelion on the fairway and had to be airlifted to the nearest hospital.  I, for one, am thrilled at this development.  This could mean a move back toward rugged golf and away from the modern cupcake and lace doilies version of golf.


This could mean a move back toward rugged golf and away from the modern cupcake and lace doilies version of golf...


For those who think this trend will never make it to our shores, I would caution you to reconsider.  I would have never believed that we would one day be seeing guys wearing suits four sizes too small, with skinny pants that should be restricted by law to the female fashion world... and guys with their hair tied back in a bun that used to mean you were an octogenarian librarian and then there's that whole fake lumberjack look.  Flannel and beards with an Elvis cut and tight sidewalls -- I'm pretty sure all this came from Europe.


I'm just sayin'... we had all better look into this whole Euro-no-pesticides, millennial-fashion-and-croquet thing if we want to keep our jobs in a world that changes faster every day.  To prove I'm still current, I'll be wearing yoga pants in my next film, along with a greasy pompadour and a suit I found in the kid's department at Bloomingdale's.

The Leading Killer of Golf

Posted in Skeletal Golf 13 November 2017 · 666 views

In this week's Skeletal Golf Theory, we focus our cameras on The Leading Killer of Golf.


SGT is part of Rockbottum Country Club, Deep in The TurfNet Zone, where you'll find straight up, non-cupcake golf course operations analysis, on golf's longest running webisode.


A (serious) chat with Mark Hoban: What's he into now?

Posted in No Messin' Around Stuff, Rockbottum Radio 01 November 2017 · 976 views

In this episode of Rockbottum Radio, I have a serious chat with envelope-pusher Mark Hoban, superintendent at Rivermont Golf Club in John's Creek, GA. One of the true "mad scientists" of the golf course maintenance world, Mark is constantly applying his holistic view of soil/plant management to new endeavors on the golf course. And he always keeps one eye on reducing inputs and subsequent costs.


Mark fills us in on his current delvings into biochar, compost extracts (as opposed to compost tea... which he explains the difference), new applications for the Air2G2 machine, an untraditional take on beekeeping, and growing mushrooms for the club restaurant.



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