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Rockbottum Lost A Family Member

Randy Wilson


RB_lost_BTR.jpgIn this episode of Rockbottum Radio, we pay tribute to Matt Jones, longtime member of Rockbottum, former Golf Course Superintendent, GM, US Army vet and more.

In the second half of the show, we experience a rather severe outbreak of gossip, back-biting, name-calling and false witness bearing, which leads to Momma finding a solution to this current social media plague.


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Sorry for your loss "Willy". He sounds like a true Rockbottum character. I can attest that Massachusetts is another country and full of "fairywoods" and "fear a mones". Another true classic. Why is is that some people can hit a fairway wood farther than a driver anyway?



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Thanks, Matt.

MJ was stationed at Fort Devens for two years, just long enough to learn the language.

Rockbottum Philosophy states: "Fairway woods go longer and straighter because the player isn't trying to gorilla milk it."

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