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Randy Wilson: Here at the 'Rock

Alert! Golf Course Dogs Are At Risk

Posted 10 February 2018 · 2,210 views

The vast Rockbottum CC intel surveillance net has picked up increased anti-golf dog chatter while monitoring golf course board meetings.


An informant over at Prissy Drawers Country Club told us that during a recent visit to Rockbottum CC, their Green Chairman, Delbert Spores, had an uncomfortable experience with Chopper, our golf course dog.


Delbert said Chopper and friends were appallingly insensitive in their ridicule of his post round Prancersize workout.


To learn more, study this Mad Golf Prophet film from 2011.






Jason Haines
Feb 10 2018

hahaha. I had this same conversation just last week. Crazy how timely this post is Randy

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Randy Wilson
Feb 10 2018


I think it comes in cycles.  My favorite is the famous supt. at a very upper crust club in the 70s . . . the golf course dog was banished and soon the place was vandalized.


When asked why he didn't react, he said he didn't hear the vandals, that was the dog's job.

He was instructed to get 3 dogs.

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