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Randy Wilson: Here at the 'Rock

Rockbottum Radio: Rockbottum Common Sense and other good stuff...

Posted 04 June 2018 · 1,828 views

In this episode of Rockbottum Radio, Randy explores Skeletal Golf Theory (SGT) and why it's important (think "Contingency Plan").


Also, Rockbottum gets a corporate makeover, the truth about collecting and weighing clippings, and that "new" spray out there.


Finally, a consultant story, the winner of the Turpentine Corncob Award, and in Storytime, a tale from the days when golf courses were closed on Mondays.


Be sure to check out this jam-packed podcast and catch up with all the latest Reality Philosophy, Business Genius and other cut-through-the-smoke-and-mirrors Common Sense from Rockbottum Country Club... where Stark Reality reigns.



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