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Dr. Frank Rossi: Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking: Dan Dinelli, CGCS, of North Shore Country Club

Posted 18 November 2016 · 10,523 views

Topdressing ENCOURAGES accumulation of organic matter? Say what?


In this EPIC episode of Frankly Speaking, I chat, argue, holler and challenge Dan Dinelli, CGCS, at North Shore CC in Chicagoland and recipient of the GCSAA"s Presidential Award for Environmental Stewardship.


Our conversation ranges from Dan's long-term research in putting green rootzone behavior over time, to cultivar assessment and selection for the impending rebuilding of the 1924 greens at North Shore, to the successes and frustrations with golfer expectations, organic management and his current research on rootzones and OM accumulation.


Smart talk from leading thinkers in the golf turf industry. Presented by DryJect and Turf Screen.


Mike Huck
Nov 18 2016

The comments on cool season growth of bentgrass to compete with poa made me shout YES! I had said the same thing to a turf breeder back in the mid 90's who asked the entire GS staff what they would like to see in a new bentgrass. I said we need actively growing bent in the cooler (winter) months in the southwest. With a puzzled look they asked why,,, my reply was to compete with poa encroachment (ball marks, traffic areas,etc) when it has the upper hand through our 'winter season'.

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Thanks Frank, It was fun. I hope the topic stimulates interest for further study...we need more science behind it. Here is a link to more information with a few posts I made with videos, images etc, trying to connect the dots...



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Jerry Kershasky
Nov 30 2016

Keeping the youth and vitality of the root system while providing an exceptional firm, smooth playing surface.


Nearly 20 years of Dan's work and analyzation of that work is about to come to fruition. Construction starts next June.

I hope to live another 20 years to witness its success.

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