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Dave Wilber: Turfgrass Zealot

The Turfgrass Zealot Project Ep. #31: Only Wilber on The Open Championship

Posted 20 July 2017 · 1,965 views

Why is The Open Championship of Golf required watching, listening and study for Turfheads? 


Do you know that The Open was once an event set aside for greenkeepers, clubmakers and caddies? What are the key features of Royal Birkdale, host of the 146th year that this event has been played? How does the weather and the grasses play into who will win and who will lose?


This is my impassioned opinion about the Soul Surfing that is links golf. And why events played on The Links are so special. Because in order to understand the game's past and present, you have to have some Open Championship intelligence. 


No guests. Just me and the guy working on my front door banging away! You asked for it! 100% Wilber.


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