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The Turfgrass Zealot Project Ep. 30 with Guest Justin Woodland

Dave Wilber


aa4259c1c1ae39b4403fd029dac6862b-.jpgYou don't know Justin Woodland. Ok, maybe you do. But you probably don't. And guess what? You need to know him. Here is your chance.


Justin is one of those people that I think should be required meeting if you are going to understand the reality of the business of golf and of Greenkeeping itself. He's got the "It" factor that I look for and yet, will probably never see what so many think is "the spotlight". Justin is doing it his way. And he's now got a fire to help others learn. A grass roots mentality. Please pardon the pun.


I've been saving this interview for just the right time. This is it.


The Turfgrass Zealot Project is only on TurfNet Radio.



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Guest Mike Huck


Great Interview, this is a look at "the real world of golf" where many of us grew up learning the game as kids. I also started in the golf turf industry working on a maintenance crew in High School at a course very similar to Justin's back in Wisconsin. Loved the "caught you being good idea", that could have application even at a private club.

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