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Jim Alwine: Turf Reduction at Bernardo Heights Country Club

Peter McCormick


In this episode of The Renovation Report, Dave Wilber talks to Jim Alwine about his turf reduction program at Bernardo Heights Country Club.


The California water picture has been a difficult minefield to navigate. Hear from San Diego area superintendent Jim Alwine as he talks about his water situation and how his club has removed 33% of their turf to save water without throwing away playability. There's no question that we all will have to face the issue of water restrictions in some fashion. And at the same time, reducing turf acreage just makes sense for many situations.



Jim has excellent insight into the communications needed with regulators, community and members. Check out his blog here.






Download the .mp3 here, or subscribe to TurfNetRADIO via iTunes and Stitcher to get every new episode as they are produced.




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