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Fixin' Golf With Buddy

Randy Wilson


"You can't expect solutions from the people whose best thinking caused the problem in the first place."

Albert Einstein


In another of our tragically overlooked short films, Buddy explains Point #3 of Fixin' Golf.  This film was not originally scheduled as part of the Ten Year Anniversary Rockbottum Film Festival, but circumstances* dictated we release it again. 


*Note:  Apparently I irritated a couple of the Alphabet Elite types with my simplistic and inexpensive solutions to golf's current dilemma.  I also--quite unknowingly--became entangled in a scandal wherein I was nominated for some kind of environmental award and was subsequently erased from the ballot under mysterious conditions.


The following film is just my way of saying "No hard feelings."



Recommended Comments


Some of Buddy's ideas are influenced having his own skull whupped numerous times, typically by Momma's #5 Cast Iron Skillet.


I'm not sure it would be that productive, as anybody who willingly walks around in a red plaid horse blanket might not respond to conventional concussive side-of-head treatments.

Thanks for watching, though.

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