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The Turfgrass Zealot Project, Ep. #9 with Chris Tritabaugh and Scott Hess

Dave Wilber


Two guests appear on this episode of The Turfgrass Zealot Project.


Chris Tritabaugh is the superintendent at Hazeltine National Golf Club, host to the 2016 Ryder Cup. Chris shares his ideas about work and life and how he handles his staff and the hours required to do his job at a very high profile place.


Scott Hess is Executive Vide President/Human Intelligence at SPARK, one of the world's leading Marketing and PR firms. Scott talks about Generational Science and the Millennial Generation. Scott's work in this area is influencing millions of dollars in advertising and study of how companies and cultures  relate to those born between 1980 and 2000.




I speak a bit about hanging onto youth, changing and relating. If our business is to grow and change in a growing and changing world, understanding the viewpoints of people like these two is key.



The Turfgrass Zealot Project is brought to you by Klingstone. Proven Bunker Performance for Over 15 Years.


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