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The 10 Years of Rockbottum Film Festival Winner:

Randy Wilson


On December 20, Rockbottum CC Films will be ten years old.  


For the last few weeks, we have been holding a virtual film festival to display a few of our favorite films.


Today we present "Golf Techno-Phobia", as our grand prize winner.  This film not only summarizes the Rockbottum Theory of Golf, but manages to stir in our fear that technology has run amok and brought a new level of "sissification" to golf.


I have often repeated the wise words of A.W. Tillinghast regarding "the ideal golf course as rugged and natural", and the theme of this film blends that philosophy with a warning of futuristic Alphabetic blunders and technoid distractions.


We would do well to think Rugged and Natural and add Affordable, rather than follow blindly along the path previously laid out by the acquisitors and high priests of corporatocracy.



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