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Is Buddy Okay?

Randy Wilson


Over the last few weeks, we have been deluged with letters, calls and emails  even my private message box that lies hidden inside The TurfNet Forum has been crackling with activity, and its all been about one subject:  Buddy.


Apparently, Buddy has been displaying symptoms indicative of the medical condition known here in the South as, He just aint right.


People, especially TurfNetters, are wondering if Buddy is operating on all three cylinders.

There are several factors at play here, the first being Buddy is originally from Texas and that should answer most of the questions concerning his brain functions.  The fact that he attended school during the 70s explains a lot . . . and Buddy has been married for decades.


Those three things alone could account for Buddys behavior, but when you take Buddys career into consideration, it all becomes clear.  Buddy worked in golf, as an equipment tech and then later, his last years in golf were as an assistant superintendent.  He was on the fast track for a GCS position until the infamous portable toilet incident. (To be described at a later date, once we are sure everyone involved has passed on.)


So, in answer to your questions, yes.  Yes, Buddy aint right and it was caused by the 70s, marriage, children, his Texas heritage and growing up in a family of drag racers.  But it was working in golf for many years that pushed him over the edge.


Its the same thing that will happen to most of you in the golf business, although you will probably deny it.  Not everyone can be as fortunate as I am and come out of the golf industry completely normal.

Not everyone can be as fortunate as I am and come out of the golf industry completely normal.

But, just to stop the phone from ringing, heres a short video piece that will prove Buddy is just fine.



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