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A Rockbottum CC Halloween Classic

Randy Wilson


There is a horror lurking out there, waiting for the right moment to viciously attack golf and drain the very lifeblood out of the game.


There are those in our golf family that have let this happen, either because they are only concerned with short-term profits or because they say it is not our place to take a stand.  Yet, it is our responsibility to do something positive, because golf pays the bills, its our career, the economic locomotive that keeps the wolf from the door.


And while those entrusted with the health of golf dawdle in the darkness of denial, the horror grows stronger.


I watched the Ryder Cup in sheer terror, as Jim Furyk taught another generation of golfers how to slow the game down even further and eventually kill golf, by turning it from a brisk walk in nature into jaw-clenching, artery-seizing stop and go city traffic.


People are quitting because of this, taking up skydiving and fishing and RV camping.


We must act, no matter what the virtual Pollyanna says about his course not losing any playbecause now its up to us to get the blood flowing again.





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