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Bikes On The Golf Course?

Randy Wilson


In Skeletal Golf, we look for every possible low-cost, extra-sustainable alternative to doing things the way they've always been done.  One of our favorite methods has been adapting the Human Powered Utility Vehicle (HPUV) to golf course operations.

It worked very well for years.  Sure, there was the occasional complaint from golfers who hated seeing the irrigation tech using a mountain bike to service controllers or water sod . . . but after I changed over to a tractor with no muffler, they pleaded for the return of the IMG, or Irrigation Mountain Bike.

Using bikes for course prep was a tremendous benefit for us.  The cup changer, when assigned a 3-Wheeler with a basket on the back, eventually had to give up cigarettes and his health dramatically improved.

But, as always, the pendulum swings the other way.  A few years ago, Rockbottum CC members began to bring their bikes out to the course and demanded to be allowed to ride, just like the crew.  It was a problem.

At least it was a problem until the most aggressive members began to mysteriously die. 



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