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At the Solheim Cup! Come along for the ride!

Kevin Ross, CGCS


4541d29b547e3cf285164f5d49db6200-.jpgA few years back, I can remember discussing the 2017 Solheim Cup with Rick Tegtmeier, director of grounds at Des Moines Golf & Country Club who would be hosting the event. We discussed the possibility of me coming to Iowa to volunteer and help out. Well, how time flies. Somehow the 2017 Solheim Cup is here and I find myself in the great state of Iowa, helping my good friend and fellow longtime TurfNet member.


With Rick working in Iowa and me in Colorado, chances are that he and I would never have met were it not for what I call the TurfNet Effect. Whats that, you may be asking yourself? That is where superintendents first meet online through the TurfNet Forum. Eventually you meet in person, usually at one of the TurfNet gatherings known as Beer and Pretzels or on the show floor at GIS. This happened with Rick and myself some 20 years ago and our friendship has become stronger every year. So I feel humbled and excited that Rick has asked me to come along for the ride.


...chances are that he and I would never have met were it not for what I call the 
TurfNet Effect. 


Along with helping on course, I will also be producing this video series to give you a firsthand look at Rick Tegtmeier and his staff, the Des Moines Golf and Country Club, and the 2017 Solheim Cup.


Come along for the ride this week as I help my good friend and have a bunch of fun along the way. Welcome!




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