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Matt Shaffer: Gone fishin'

John Reitman


d46a37e1adb1b6a2ebebc153589cc0f9-.jpgIn this episode of Living Legends, presented by the Nufarm Insider, host John Reitman has a wide-ranging chat with Matt Shaffer, recently retired from Merion Golf Club, host of the 2013 U.S. Open.

Matt's retrospective includes his Penn State education and mentors there... the Latshaw Connection interwoven through his career... pushing the agronomic envelope and living on the edge... the cost of obscurity and value of a pedigree... doors that exceeding expectations will open... having money and resources at your disposal, or not... learning from defeats and charging on to your next victory... how a great club membership makes a huge difference... never holding a grudge.

The compensation/aggravation ratio of being a superintendent... the physical toll of hosting a Major... finding work/life balance.

Spend 45 minutes with Matt Shaffer, who pulls no punches. A fascinating conversation.



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