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Time to start!

Parker Stancil


My official first day of work at Great Northern was Tuesday, May 15th. The first few days that I was in Denmark prior to that got a little boring, considering I had no way of getting around town except walking, and I was eager to get to work. The solution for me was to help out over the weekend before my official start date, so I jumped in with the aerification crew late one evening. I shoveled the cores until 9:00 that night, which isn't as bad as it sounds because the sun sets at 9:30!


Clean green after I volunteered to help shovel cores before my "official" start.

I'm glad I can finally start working as have been waiting several months to get here. My first official days of work were spent mowing tee surrounds with a rotary push mower, and fly-mowing bunker faces the next few. These job assignments may sound a little tedious, but they are a few of the many things we do at Great Northern that makes it a world-class golf course, so I'm glad to do it.

A couple of my co-workers informed me that growth regulators are restricted for turf in Denmark, so we have to mow everything pretty frequently.


With no PGRs labeled for turf in Denmark, there's plenty of grass around.

On the first day I was partnered with Dave Dusch, who was born and raised in Australia. Dave grew up to be a musician, but he works at Great Northern now. Dave told me, "I love the fresh air, and every day there's something different to do."


Dave, with a few holes on the front nine in the background.

After a few days of working and showcasing my work ethic, the supervisors allowed me to cut cups and mow fairways.

Cutting cups is fairly easy here, because we use a depth gauge and foot board to cut the same depth hole for every day on every green. This job has been my favorite so far because I get to see every hole from tee to green each morning.


Placing the pin in a difficult position for a tournament on the 15th green.

Each day at work is great, then after work I get to wind down and relax in my own mini-apartment.

Most housing accommodations given to interns, that I have heard of, are very simple rooms that are often shared between a couple of employees. In this case, Great Northern provides me with a room that includes a bed, kitchen, desk, wardrobe, and bathroom. I'm livin' like a king!


All settled in...


and livin' like a king!


So far, I've had a great first week here in Great Northern, and I can't wait to see what new things I may see or people I might meet in Kerteminde.


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