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Crew Management Veminar From The Skeletal GreenKeeper

Randy Wilson


Football coaches know their chances of making it to “Legendary Coach” status are greater if their team is talented, highly motivated, fast and smart.

The Golf Course Superintendent is in a similar situation.  It can be very difficult to reach the top ranks of Golf Course Superintendents while saddled with a poor team.

 . . . saddled with a poor team.

That’s my excuse.

Everyone in this industry knows what a positive influence a talented equipment tech can have on a golf course.   The highly motivated assistant superintendent bears a great deal of the day to day pressure, allowing the superintendent to move the golf course forward, rather than spend time putting out little fires.

Spray techs, irrigation techs, course prep specialists and equipment operators blessed with a good attitude and the desire to constantly improve their skills can make a course look great and the superintendent look like a genius.

I never really had a good team . . . because I was usually the entire crew and I had trouble getting along with everybody.

 . . . I was usually the entire crew and I had trouble getting along with everybody.

But, on the bright side, having a multiple personality disorder enabled me us to take a close look at good crew management techniques and here in this updated, remastered and modernized video seminar–we call them “Veminars”–we share my our secrets with you, The TurfNet Nation.


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