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My Day... You Can't Make This Sh*t Up

Peter McCormick


Couldn't resist sharing my Forum post...

Gotta tell you about my day so far (it's only noon now)...


Woke up at 3:00AM as is about the norm these days, squirmed for an hour then got up at 4:00 to peruse the "news" (as it were) and surf some online guitar lessons. Made my pot of coffee but must not have pushed the pot all the way back in to open up the no-drip thingy. So the coffee and grounds backed up all over the counter and down into the innards of the coffee pot (a problem with Cuisinart units). Thought to myself, this isn't good on a Monday morning.

Surfed for a couple hours, got pissed off over all this Trump 'n Hillary crap, decided to go back to bed.

Slept for about an hour, got up still pissed off with no coffee, said to myself "screw it" and went outside to seek refuge with my log splitter and a pile of wood for a couple of hours. Towed it out to the pile but must not have had the hitch secured down over the ball so it flipped on it's side out in the middle of a field. Got off my tractor, righted the bitch, noticed one of the flywheel belts had come off, requiring removal of some shrouds to access it. OK, got that done, went to start it and the choke lever wouldn't move. Took the shrouds off the engine, realized when the splitter tipped over it must have twisted the engine mount a bit, so I fixed that and put it back together.

When I fired up the engine to test it, I hadn't realized the flywheel clutch was partly engaged...

This splitter (a DR) has a work table onto which I had put my plastic tool carrier. When I fired up the engine to test it, I hadn't realized the flywheel clutch was partly engaged so the ram proceeded forward and split my tool carrier in half.

At this point, keeping in mind that a good friend up at our summer place took off the end of his left index finger last week with a log splitter (and he's my guitar hero), I was tempted to go back inside and back to sleep. But I persevered and split up a nice pile of wood. But as I said, it's only noon.


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