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A Grateful Pause...

Paul MacCormack


I’ll start this post with a healthy dose of honesty. I’m tired. This year has been one chock full of a very many things, a lot of goodness, hardship, tough conversations, and wonderful connections. Now one could say, “well, that’s life”, and that is true… but 2019 was a solid one. As I sit down to write the last post of the year, I simply cannot deny the fact that the cumulative fatigue of the year has caught up with me. 

When I find myself strung out, writing is tough. The flow of ideas and words just isn’t as easy. Oddly enough, the more I struggle the harder it is to tap into that river of creativity. So instead of pushing forward with a few of the ideas I have on the back burner, I decided to take a different approach; I went back instead of forward. 

While searching for some inspiration, I spent some time working my way back through the archives of The Mindful Superintendent blog. It took a bit of time, but eventually I made all the way back to December 30th, 2012. Once I reached the end I paused and let it sink in a bit. Eight years is a long time. I reflected on all that has happened to me over that time, to my family and friends. I thought about all of the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with. I reflected on all of the experiences that have come my way, and how they have affected my life.

And you know what? I’m just incredibly grateful for every single thing; every up and down, in and out, triumph and fall. They have all served to shape my life experience, and for that I am thankful. 

I’m just incredibly grateful for every single thing; every up and down, in and out, triumph and fall.

I want to thank Peter and the gang here at TurfNet for taking a chance on a pretty far out idea and letting me run with it. For the support from my fellow bloggers, Randy, Dave, Joe, Jon & John…merely the fact I get the chance to write on the same platform as you guys humbles me to no end. 

You might have noticed that I left out Frank Rossi in the last paragraph. But in truth I wanted to thank him differently. You see, from time to time there are people who push you in directions that you don’t see on your own. Frank is one of those people. He saw something in this blog and pushed me to explore it further. It has led me to places I couldn’t have dreamed possible eight years ago. He created a partnership between Chris Tritabaugh and me that has only just begun to bear fruit. For all he has done and for his continued friendship I am truly grateful. 

There is also one other person that saw that spark all those years ago and never stopped believing in me. She told me that someday I would be writing to a worldwide audience and changing perspectives. She never doubted the message and has been my biggest supporter and speaker of truth for as long as I can remember. She is my full time editor and shapes much of what you read here. She is my wife and best friend, Jill MacCormack. She is the mother of our three amazing kids, Maria, Lucas & Clara, and she is a rock star. Twenty years as the wife of a golf course superintendent has earned her more hardship than she ever deserved, but through it all she is love personified. 

So as this year winds down I’m looking forward to some down time. Some time to rest, time to reflect, and time to recharge. But most of all I’m continually being mindful of how lucky I am; so very grateful for everything and nothing at all. 

Happy Holidays, everyone.

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I agree with Dave--except for the Nascar reference--I always look forward to reading your work.  Your editor is very good, too, and probably a major part of your success.  (I have a similar situation)

Keep drivin' Paul and don't take too long of a break.  If you stop movin', somebody will always try to pile dirt on you.

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Thanks so very much gentlemen, you are both creative mentors of the highest order for me. So appreciate our collaborative offerings here on the Net...

Take care


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