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Rockbottum Radio: Rockbottum Adapts to Golf 2020

Randy Wilson


golf2020_2.jpgIn this episode, Randy explains why Rockbottum Radio is more like an Old Timey radio show from 1940 than a modern podcast with serious interview segments. It's entertainment with a goofy perspective and an occasional subliminal message. The job of the golf course superintendent has gotten more serious over the years, and sometimes it helps to have a more relaxed if even twisted view of this industry. You know, with a few laughs... now more than ever.

Among the shenanigans going on at Rockbottum CC, the closed course gets slammed with golfers, setting a record for play, forcing them to figure out a way to charge money while maintaining social distance distance.

Boof gets electrocuted by his wife, Momma has to use her drones to maintain order on the course and they have to refuse to accept hundert dollar bills because they have some kind of chip in them.

In Storytime, Willy tells another of those stories from '72 that probably should have remained in the vault, but has an important message in there somewhere.

Enjoy the listen... and the break from the serious.

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