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How Did We Build Golf Courses in 1932?

Randy Wilson


Recently, Peter McCormick, TurfNet Commander, posted a wildly interesting video in the TurfNet Forum, a classic film on The Early Days of Greenkeeping.


While watching the old film, I remembered I had some old film footage stashed away in the Rockbottum CC vault, acquired during my Classic Golf Architecture fanatic period.  The footage showed our local muni here in Griffin, Georgia, during the earliest construction phase, in 1932.


I located the film and edited it down for internet attention spans.

. . . edited it down for internet attention spans.

The Griffin City Course was designed by Seaton Bailey, a local mover and shaker in Griffin in those days.  Seaton accomplished the building of a golf course during the worst economy in American historyexcept for maybe right nowand he left a film record of the task.


Somebody else was building a course about 140 miles east of here at the same time, but over the years, that course has been subjected to multiple radical surgeries, while Griffin City has seen virtually no plasticizing, augmentation or Botoxing.


Kind of makes The Griffin City Course  . . . special.


Part One of this film shows a little of what golf course builders had to  deal with in 1932.  Part Two will show Griffin City Course in 2012.




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