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The Edge...

Paul MacCormack


In today's marketplace everyone is looking for an edge... the one thing that will not only get them ahead, but save money while doing it. We are being asked to do more with less while constantly producing better conditions.


As revenues and budgets continue to shrink, a return to simple, more straightforward maintenance is inevitable. 


What if a salesman came to your office and offered you a simple program that would allow you to

  • Posted ImageBetter utilize the resources your turf already has on hand
  • Better equip your turf to fight the stress of the long golf season
  • Boost immunity and resistance, making your turf less prone to disease
  • Increase winter hardiness of your turf
  • In general make your life as a superintendent better period

All you need to do is stick with it and show a wee bit of discipline. The best part of all: its practically free.


Sound too good to be true? Are you ready to show this fella the exit? I don't blame you.


But what if we replaced the words your turf with simply you? Try it.


This is very simple; just taking care of ourselves. There are many things that we can do year round to not only make us better greenkeepers, but happier, healthier people.


Not all are easy to implement, but if done at the right pace they can make a world of difference. 


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