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The Art of the Pause...

Paul MacCormack


How often do you find yourself running around like the proverbial headless chicken and really not accomplishing much? We all have those days now and again, but what I am talking about here is when lack of focus interferes with our ability to perform our duties.

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Our jobs are stressful at times, no doubt, but a full plate shouldn't prevent us from pausing occasionally to clear our thoughts. We accomplish much more with a measure of clarity than with muddled thinking. So, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take a deliberate break now and again. A simple, purposeful pause will recharge our batteries, clear our heads and let the day carry on with improved functioning.


How can we achieve this?

  • First off, don't think of it as just another item on your 'to do' list. Make it a priority. Consider it enjoyable and beneficial, something you're entitled to. Just for you.
  • Take an office time out. Close the door, turn off your phone and computer monitor. Lean back and close your eyes. A real break can help you focus and get more centered. Consider it enjoyable and beneficial, something you're entitled to. Just for you.
  • Practice the 'art of the pause' in your daily activities. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, take an internal step back to regain balance.
  • Doing a lot of office work? Change your field of vision occasionally, from the computer monitor to something out the window, in the distance.  It's like stretching your legs; you'll feel your eyes and your brain relax.
  • Another great way to give yourself a break is to simply play with your dog for a few minutes. Throw a stick or a ball, play tug with a toy.  They'll love it and you more for it.
  • If you're feeling like your head is going to explode, taking a deep breath and regrouping can can prevent unnecessary conflicts or dust ups with those you work with.
  • Lastly, carry this practice home with you. We all know how hard it can be to make that transition from work to home take a time out before you walk through the door and your family just might be happier to see you. 


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