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Getting to Adare Manor, and orientation

Patrick Andrews


plane_wing.jpgI flew into Ireland about 9 a.m. on May 14. Getting through Dublin airport and customs was very easy, and I was lucky not to lose any bags during the trip. I ended up taking a three-hour bus trip from Dublin airport to Limerick and a taxi from Limerick to Adare Manor. The taxi driver was very helpful and told me about his time in the United States while also relaying facts about each town we passed through. I arrived at Adare Manor and was blown away by the beautiful property. I will add more pictures of the estate in future blogs, so stay tuned. 

Orientation lasted three days and was very informative. The new employees (of all departments) met in the South Ballroom each day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. During orientation we learned fun, historic facts about the manor, along with all the different amenities available to help ensure the guests have a memorable experience. At the end of orientation, all new hires were given a tour of the estate. The pictures do not do this beautiful manor justice. 

After being in orientation for three days, I was more than ready to start. Previous experience has taught me that getting to meet the crew is always the hardest part of a new job. However, despite the fact that the estate has around 600 employees, meeting people has not been an issue. The smaller, 40-person greens crew have all been amiable and interesting to talk to. I am excited to continue meeting more employees and being able to explore the grounds a bit more. 


Me on ninth tee with the Manor in the background.


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