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On Efficiency and Having Fun...

Patrick Andrews


I just finished my second week at Adare Manor and I am starting to feel more confident on the course. The assistants have been awesome and have given me many different tasks. This week alone, I mowed the rough and fairways, rolled and sprayed greens, raked bunkers and plugged divots. I was also given the opportunity to cut the greens. Do you know how nerve-wracking it is to mow a 27,491-square-feet green? If not, I can be the first to tell you that it is quite an experience.


The fairway units efficiently collect clippings by towing a trailer from fairway to fairway.

To finish up the week, I had the opportunity to play Adare with some of my crew members. Seeing it from the player’s perspective is the most amazing thing to do if you work on the course and want to appreciate all the work you put into the grounds. I didn’t play too poorly either (I only sent my ball into the water twice and lost it in the trees a few more times). Overall, the experience was incredible and I hope to play a this course again during my stay at Adare. Afterwards, I drank my first official pint of Guinness! Fun fact, when drinking Guinness, your first sip isn’t done until the drink is level with the G on the pint. 



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