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A visit from home, and a break in the rain...

Patrick Andrews


This week Dr. Ed Nangle, my professor from Ohio State ATI, stopped by for a visit at Adare Manor. I was happy to show him around the course and introduce him to my co-workers. What I found very interesting was that Dr. Nangle attended school with David Bailey, assistant superintendent here. 


Me with Dr. Ed Nangle, my professor at Ohio State ATI.

It rains quite a bit in Ireland but that is not enough to hold back the crew at Adare. The course drains very well thanks to wall-to-wall sand capping and 75,000 meters of perforated drainage pipe installed during construction. The crew adds another 2,000 meters annually. I am told by the locals that summer hasn’t really started yet in Ireland and on a ‘normal’ year temperatures would be higher and less rainfall. It also helps when you got Subair in your greens. 

While cutting #5 green -- a par four with the green inside a bowl -- on a rainy day this week, the rain stopped for a brief moment and the sun peeked through, making a beautiful rainbow and view behind the green.




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