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John Carlone, CGCS: Surviving and Thriving in a Tough Market

Peter McCormick


Some career superintendents make their marks by hosting major tournaments or pushing the agronomic envelope. Others quietly go about their business of growing great grass while also navigating the potholes and pitfalls that invariably spring up in private clubs over time. John Carlone, CGCS, has done that over 37 years as a golf course superintendent at two clubs in one of the toughest markets in the industry: Long Island, NY.

Fresh out of the University of Rhode Island (where he had a notable roommate, Frank Rossi) and an internship under Ted Horton at Westchester Country Club, Carlone went to work for Scott Niven at the Stanwich Club in 1983 before taking over the reins at Middle Bay Country Club in 1985. He stayed there until 1996 when he left for Meadow Brook Club on the north shore of Long Island, where he has been ever since.

In this conversation with Peter McCormick, John offers hard-learned lessons and guidance about family, dedication, staff, club politics, humility, swallowing one's pride when needed and "not mailing it in". A fascinating chat with a good friend of TurfNet for many years and our latest All Star of Turf, presented by Foley and Air2G2.  Listen or watch.



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