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Kate Phillips: "The world is our oyster..."

Peter McCormick


Have you heard the opinion that Gen Z'ers are lazy and unfocused? Meet Kate Phillips: driven, entrepreneurial, aspiring golf course superintendent who knows where she wants to go and how she is going to get there. She shows up.

Has conversing via social media and communicating via thumbs prevented young adults from developing confidence, poise and tact? Meet Kate Phillips: calm, cool and collected, poised beyond her years.

Can Gen Z'ers hold their own in an interview situation? Meet Kate Phillips: direct and articulate, not afraid to call it as she sees it.

Kate and I chatted for about half an hour and completely forgot about the reason she initially came to our attention: her "performance" syringing greens at the US Open at Pinehurst to a chorus of boos from the grandstands, a situation well documented in the press and on social media (and another example of "contagious ignorance" among golf galleries). The fact that we forgot about it is a testament to the more important stuff Kate has going on in her life.


In one fell swoop during this conversation, Kate dispelled many popular notions and misconceptions about her generation. 

Her parents should be proud. She will do well.

Watch or listen, and prepare to be impressed by this remarkable young woman.


Kate was also featured in a video segment from Syngenta earlier this year.


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