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Aerification Overjoy Status

Dave Wilber


I have a sense of elation over aerification.


New technology and new thinking seems to be flowing into these efforts and the results are really good. Exceptional in fact. 

Posted Image


Here's what I'm seeing that has me so excited.


1. Pre-invasion strategy. More than ever before conversations with turfheads have a lot to do with what they can do before an aerification event. Fertility, carbon inputs, stress reduction measures, growth regulator timing and anything you can think of to create recovery potential all play into this and once you have planned this way, it is really easy to see what it brings to the patient after surgery in recovery.


2. Taking advantage of the opportunity. Lets face it, no one is given the time that they really want for maintenance. Doesn't matter the genre of facility you have, it seems that everyone is pressed for time. One super said it to me clearly, "If they give me the time, I'm going to do that most amount of work I can during that time". Perfect attitude. And what does that lead to? Creative thinking like double deep tining. Or a solid deep tine and a coring maneuver. How about a Dry-Ject run followed by a two direction Graden bombing. Get the picture? When you are there, be there in force.


3. Perfection in technique. Along those lines, now, more than ever, we have tools at our disposal that allow for job perfection. Using the right machines. Equip them with the perfect setup. Moisture perfect. Adaptation for breakdowns. Exact tool for topdress application and work in. Things like this make for mastery. You can't take a knife to a gunfight. And along the same lines, not having all the tools isn't an option.


Get the picture? When you are there, be there in force.


4. Post-battle awareness. Yup. Everyone wants to get back on that surface as quick as they can. You've blogged and tweeted about the healing process, but yet the Pro has still scheduled the Couples Club Fall Outing the weekend after the event. Still today, the biggest mistake that I see after an aerification event is the assault with the dull mowers, ripping the heck out the surface. Better to stay away with the mowers, let the plant grow into the topdressing and if they have to have speed for the event, get it with a roller. A super who adopted this called and offered to name his next shop cat after me. Because a week later, the greens were awesome for the Wallet Open Hospital Fund Raiser that just had to be scheduled. By the way, for me, the common denominator is that carbon and mineral apps lead the way in recovery. Nitrogen isn't always the first weapon to reach for.


Posted Image

5. Planning the next assault. What's really cool about all this new awareness is that I see and hear planning, purchasing, evaluating and more planning going on months before the next battle. That's so cool. It's like the realization seems to be hitting hard that our few chances to do this work must be done with creativity and perfection with all the tools on board.


My hat really is off to so so many of the creative thinkers out there who are doing so much more with so much less. It doesn't always work out the way we want it, but the genius is in the trying. And there's a ton of genius out there right now.


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