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Turfheads In The Wild Are Easy To Spot

Dave Wilber


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When we Turfheads are turned out into the pastures of the real world, all kinds of interesting things happen.


I hear the stories all the time. Chiefly, how, if X, Y or Z business would be run like we run our operations, there wouldn't be any hassles. Because, really, when you want to execute, we all know that a turfgrass professional is the one to call. Think about it. In some form or another you have had reason to say to the real world that they just need to think like "we" do.


My 10-year old pickup truck doesn't get a lot of love. When I proudly bought it, I proclaimed myself The World's Smartest man because diesel fuel was about $1.55 and unleaded was well over $2.00 (I know...another story where someone back in the day walked uphill in the snow both ways nine miles to school). But it was a smart move and because it was high enough gross weight, I got a tax credit. So the Dodge Cummins powered starship Enterprise covered wagon was the right choice.


So I began the search to find a replacement, deciding on a small SUV. Something practical and "with it" for the times. Green without being boring. Sips fuel, but can burn it if I need it to. Dependent on good financing and being able to get a screaming deal on both the sale of the Enterprise and the purchase of the Shuttlecraft. 


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The stars aligned when I accessed greatness. When I turned to someone who has already been dubbed an honorary turfhead by his service to a whole bunch of Supers in Northern California. Enter Mr. Tony Martin of East Bay Auto Brokers, in Walnut Creek, California.  Tony is all about details and service. He's an auto broker. He finds the exact car you want, new or used and handles everything... absolutely everything including pickup of the old and delivery of the new. No dealership, nobody calling you, the color you want, the way you want it. It's an incredible service. Needed and necessary. If you are anywhere in Northern California, you need to know Tony. He's that good.


This isn't a Tony Martin commercial. Although he deserves the plug for his recent dealing with my absolutely obsessive inner car nut and insane schedule and jacked up financial needs. This is, however, a nod to the fact that when we meet people who think like we do, they have to be acknowledged as special. Honorary turfheads.


What the heck does "think like we do" mean? It means, to me, a few things that are the marks of great turfheadism:

  • Strategic Thinking. Always looking for the angles and loves the planning around the moves.
  • Ideation. The process of generating and creating new ideas and innovations.
  • Input Thriving. Being "in the know" is like food itself.
  • Critical Thinking. This does not mean being the constant critic of oneself and others, but actually being able to see things from various viewpoints, looking for the truths and the bullshit.
  • Joyful. Being great at something, even if it is hard work, means having a sense of wonder and wonderful. Not every day is perfect, but overall, a smile can be kept nearby.


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Lately, there has been a lot of talk about work ethic and all the stuff that we love to talk about. We have our long hours and our ability to leap tall buildings and steer any ship, from R/C Geese Boat to Sand Barge and do well at it. Labor of love, thankless job, dirt farmer... blah, blah, blah (can you tell it's November?).



This is, however, a nod to the fact that when we meet people who think like we do, they have to be acknowledged as special. Honorary turfheads.

Yup, they don't teach this in college in he pages of Xylem and Phloem and yup, we can hold forth that many summer interns will die an ugly green death just like a greenhorn Alaska crabber. But certainly what they do teach most of the folks that we will work for and with is how to recognize a degree of greatness or an air of competency. It's inherent in humans to recognize when someone is really good at what they do. And in turn, what really makes a difference is if we take that recognition and apply it to our lives.


My auto broker, Tony, was easy to recognize and in watching him work, I've gained. It was easy to spot. Are you?


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LOVE Tony. Just bought my third vehicle from him less than a month ago- a shiny new '14 Tacoma.


He makes buying a vehicle as easy as ordering a pizza...


Thanks for the heads up on Tony, Mr. Kosak!

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