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Death To Premature Turfication!

Dave Wilber



A moment of Turfhead Cheerleading. 


I know that everyone reading this is beyond outstanding at their jobs. I get that. It doesn't matter the specific situation you are in, YOU are just great. Take that in. You rock. It's simple. Affirm this. YOU ROCK!


Which is why I'm going to encourage you now. Because when someone, anyone, tells you that you should be doing more to "get this place going", you are to smile and say something nice and NOT take that in because you have done your Wilber Affirmations. You still rock. You aren't a failure. You haven't been drinking coffee and reading magazines all winter for all the wrong reasons.


What am I getting at? A lot of you know that when it comes to inputs (specifically water and fertilizer), I'm a minimalist. I'm also a freak for timing. And that freakishness means that I've learned (often the hard way) that no matter how good we are, we can't make the globe spin any faster and doing things before nature is ready for them to be done is asking for bad times later.


What often happens is that some nice weather comes along and suddenly our beloved golfer, who have been cooped up all winter long tumbling rocks and reading internet forums, decide that things ought to be in perfect conditions. Or at least open for play or whatever the gun jumping gene calls into the brain.


And it's not just our golfers whom are to blame. I got this on the phone the other day from a numskull GM. The same GM that told the super that in order to cut the budget to some arbitrary number, the already thing maintenance staff needed to be reduced. "After all what can you really do in the winter anyway?", said Mr. GM. Right. And so the weather has been good and why not "just fertilize and get things going". 


Supers are to catch some heat here too. And again, I get it. In some form (even you warm season jockeys can relate here), there is a monkey sitting on your shoulder, yawlping in your ear. That monkey says, "you can do more!". And so, you start to invent things to do that really defy mother nature. Things like Soil Temps and Degree Days and Sun Position... you know, actual science seem to take a back seat to the idea that you will stay out of trouble if you just get to it.




So this is my March Cheerleading Moment. When I tell you that you are wonderful and capable and can grow grass on even the worst Green Chairman's lawn. You can. Believe in yourself. Know you are good. AND STOP THERE. Don't go thinking that you have magic super powers that can make things happen before their time has come to happen. If you are in doubt, listen to your gut. You are probably right. 


And hey, the tee markers may need that extra coat of paint.



I asked, "Why have I received only This?" A voice replied, "Only This will lead you to That".  -Rumi

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Thanks for the good read. Sometimes we need to just "stop" and think twice before we hit the go button.


Good reminder to all.


John Colo

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