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BMW NZ Open: Day 5

Peter Braun


The day before the cut day went very smoothly. Morning jobs are finishing quicker and quicker and in the evening nothing broke down. To speed up greens some were double cut in the morning, others just cut and all rolled. Since tomorrow is after the cut over all players are better so greens were cut in the night to get greens a little faster for tomorrow. 


For the tournament 4:30 mornings are very dark till about 7 so cutting cups would be very hard. To combat this they are cut the night before and left just a touch below the surface to keep the shape of the hole. Then in the morning all that is left is setting and painting the hole. Saves a bit of time for the tournament. 


The crew has grown to 28 people for the tournament. With many more people jobs get done very quickly. In the morning we have 1 doing cups, 4 greens mowers, 2 rolling greens, 2 collars/approaches mowers, 3 on fairways, 2 taking dew off fairways, 2 taking dew off tees, 2 general blowing, 10 guys doing bunkers (some may do other jobs though). The course looks great after the morning run and needs to be for the SKY Sports television coverage. In the evening there are 2 on watering, 2 cutting tees, 3 on primary, 1 cutting holes, 3 on bunkers, 3 divoting tees, a few guys doing other jobs as needed like cutting greens, the rest divoting fairways. 

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Peter, this is the beauty of a tournament. You work to perfect the routine, waiting for something to go wrong and by sunday you really have it all down, and it's OVER.... Make the most of the time now, take plenty of pictures. And please if you can remember, get a flag, buy one if you have to and get the team to sign it. That will be a great memory for you in the future. I find myself using it to remember all the characters who were involved.

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