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BMW NZ Open: The Aftermath

Peter Braun




Well the pressure of the NZ Open is off, but now not for the course. The beating the course takes for a tournament is tremendous. On a course like the Hills there are areas where crowds have very little places to go so wear patterns appear. This will recover, but will take some time. The golfers as well are funneled into some areas, but for the most part those areas look fine. Even the greens do not look too bad a week after; by only mowing twice since with raised heights stress is greatly reduced. Collars are weakening on the turf areas, but for the most part that was caused by the straight week of mowing. The areas will recover in time.



Yup thats a drop zone painted right on top of the ladies tee on the 4th.



Tee signs do significant damage, but will heal quickly. 



Frost damage from Sunday morning when the officials had to drive around.


The worst area on the course is the driving range from the 19th hole. When tents are put up flooring goes down under them. A hot week does not help the grass under the flooring survive. Hot temperatures with wet mornings makes the grass very susceptible to fungal growth and death from no light. Prior to the tents going up the grass was mowed and sprayed with fungicide and growth regulator. This was a precautionary step taken to help protect the grass in its week long stress ride. Now after the tents have been removed we can see the damage done to the grass. It is not pretty, but I have been told this happens every years and after aeration, seed, sand and lots of water the areas usually grow back. Very few areas are actually needed to be renovated. The course cold have looked a lot worse, but I think it held up very well.  












I do not know how a course can hold more than one event like this. The NZ Open is not even that big when compared to events in the States and Europe. The damage to those course has to be even greater. After this event I am even more impressed at courses like Pinehurst Resort, host of back to back 2014 Men and Women US Opens, and Muirfield Village, The Memorial and President's Cup in 2013. One positive of hosting a tournament is that the damage work breaks up the monotony of everyday work.  


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