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Don Mahaffey: "There's more than one way of doing it..."

Peter McCormick


Don Mahaffey came up in the golf business from the ground up, or the back door, or via a "non-traditional" path... whatever one wants to call it.


He is now a golf course builder... working greenkeeper... consultant and project manager.


Don's ideas and methods are unique and at times controversial. He doesn't buy into the "more is better" approach to golf course management. He has an appreciation of the bottom line, separating the necessary from the fluff, holding the line on the cost of building and maintaining golf courses while still presenting a fun and enjoyable product.


There's no shortage of passion or opinion on Don's part. Join Don Mahaffey and Dave Wilber as they dig deep into renovation and restoration in today's challenging golf climate.



To listen offline, click/tap here and select "Save Link/Target As" to download the .mp3.


The TurfNet Renovation Report is presented by Golf Preservations and Jacobsen.


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