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The Renovation Report

Scott Ramsay, CGCS, and the ongoing green reclamation at Yale Golf Course

Posted 14 June 2018 · 342 views

In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report, host Anthony Pioppi chats with Scott Ramsay, CGCS, about the ongoing restoration of the Seth Raynor-designed classic at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.


Ramsay has been at Yale since 2003 and was the TurfNet Superintendent of the Year in 2006. Working for an academic institution, he occasionally claims the tongue-in-cheek title of "Director of the Department of Applied Botany" at Yale.


The "renovation of the renovation" at Yale -- a complete renovation was finished up in 2003 -- focuses on reclaiming lost green area and tree removal. The Yale course in the middle of a 450 urban forest owned by the university.


Ramsay quips that "we don't measure greens here in square feet... we measure them in acres".  He relies on a 1934 aerial map along with poking a lot of holes to find the cinder choker layer that Raynor liked to use. Once the original green outline is determined, he uses the "scalp and pray" method to bring the turf to green height.


He also discusses his new 15,000 sq ft plug nursery in which he has cultivated the mix of German bents, velvets, Penncross and Poa that match the original turf on the golf course.


Spend a half hour or so with Tony and Scott!  Good conversation!


Presented by Golf Preservations, the greens drainage specialists and full service restoration/renovation contractors.


Anthony Pioppi with Michael Vessely of Culver Academies Golf Course: A Picasso in the Attic

Posted 01 June 2018 · 370 views

In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report, host Anthony Pioppi chats with Michael Vessely about the 2016 renovation of the long-fallow William Langford/Theodore Moreau 9-hole golf course at Culver Academies in Culver, Indiana.


Vessely, now golf course superintendent at Culver Academies, explains how the "Picasso was discovered in their attic" and Bobby Weed and Chris Monti brought in to spearhead a complete recovery/restoration project. And there's a Dye connection as well!


Listen in as Tony and Mike dig into how the Langford/Moreau classic was brought back to life as a rustic, classic early 20th Century golf course with 2018 conditioning.


Presented by Golf Preservations, offering golf course drainage and full renovation services.


Anthony Pioppi with restoration pro Ron Forse...

Posted 17 May 2018 · 776 views

In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report, host Anthony Pioppi talks with golf course architect Ron Forse of Forse Design, Inc., about his restoration of classic (and renovation of some modern) golf courses, and the role of the superintendent in a renovation project.


What defines a good superintendent during a restoration or renovation project? Hint: He or she is the "hub of the wheel".


Tony and Ron wind up chatting about golf course archaeology, including the Seth Raynor Ocean Links course.


Presented by Golf Preservations.



Matt Powell: Renovation of the Seth Raynor layout at Dedham C&PC

Posted 16 March 2018 · 1,346 views

In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report, sponsored by Golf Preservations, (new) host Anthony Pioppi chats with Matt Powell about the soon to be opened Brian Silva renovation of the Seth Raynor layout at Dedham Country and Polo Club in the metro Boston area.


Thanks, Matt, and welcome, Tony, to the TurfNet team!



Renovation Report: North Ridge Country Club with Butch Sheffield

Posted 20 October 2017 · 2,552 views

In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report, presented by Golf Preservations and Jacobsen, host Jon Kiger chats with Butch Sheffield, long-time superintendent at North Ridge Country Club, about the recent practice facility renovation there.


Forrest Richardson: Reinventing Mountain Shadows for today's golfer and economy

Posted 31 July 2017 · 2,003 views

In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report, host Jon Kiger chats with golf course architect Forrest Richardson about the 2017 renovation and re-invention of the Short Course at Mountain Shadows (and resort) located near Scottsdale in Paradise Valley, Arizona.


The original golf course at Mountain Shadows was designed and built in 1961 by Arthur Jack Snyder. Course architect Forrest Richardson, one of Snyders students, completely redesigned the course to be a true par-3 with an eye toward retaining the fun for golfers, maintaining the diversity of golf holes, controlling pace of play, and containing maintenance costs while increasing the revenue potential of the facility.


With 18 holes ranging from 200 yards to 75 yards, the footprint of the Short Course at Mountain Shadows was reduced from the original 40 acres to 33 acres, with only 13.5 acres of managed turf. The reclaimed seven acres were converted to residential purposes which made the entire project attractive and successful financially.


The 17.5 hole, the Forrest Wager -- named after Richardson -- is a par 2 golf hole where the object is to play against your opponents in similar fashion to the golf game Bingo Bango Bongo. One point is awarded for the closest to the hole on the first shot played, another for the first player to hole out and a third point for the lowest score.


The TurfNet Renovation Report is sponsored by Golf Preservations and Jacobsen.






Chris Monti: Practice Facility Renovation at Interlachen Country Club

Posted 28 June 2017 · 1,887 views

In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report -- presented by Jacobsen and Golf Preservations --  Jon Kiger chats with Chris Monti, senior design associate with Bobby Weed Golf Design about the recent practice facility renovation at Interlachen Country Club in Winter Park, FL.


The new facility features a 10,000 square-foot putting green with subtle contours, a chipping green with generous surrounds to allow for a variety of shots and a bunker green with four bunkers of varying sizes. The project also includes an enlarged main tee area on the range, with a two-bay academy building planned for the future.


New, updated turfgrass varieties were used, as was a synthetic revetted bunker product.


Rick Tegtmeier: 4-year, 36-hole renovation at Des Moines Golf & Country Club

Posted 01 March 2017 · 2,946 views

In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report, host Peter McCormick chats with Rick Tegtmeier, CGCS MG, about the recently completed four-year, 36-hole renovation project at Des Moines Golf & Country Club where he has been director of grounds since 2007. A humorous anecdote about architect Pete Dye... mistakes made and lessons learned... tips for dealing with architects, working with contractors and how to get the best from in-house staff... Rick lays it all out for us.


Whether you're embarking on a renovation project or might be some day in the future, there's something for everyone to file away and put to use.


The Renovation Report with Thomas Bastis, CGCS... 8 years after.

Posted 15 December 2016 · 4,902 views

Eight Years. It's a blink of an eye. Thomas Bastis checks in with Dave Wilber 8 years after his world class renovation of The California Golf Club of San Francisco.


Thomas shares his experience in looking back as his old/new golf course matures. It hasn't all been easy. But he's candid about what worked and what didn't work and what he might do again.


He also gets firm and fast with some good stories and insights. And being the early adopting tech leader that he is, Thomas speaks about what he's working on. Always keeping it new.


It's an hour of deep conversation and insight with one of the industry greats. 


The TurfNet Renovation Report is sponsored by Golf Preservations and by Jacobsen and is only on TurfNet Radio.



Graeme Beatt: Renovating Royal Portrush for the 2019 Open

Posted 07 December 2016 · 1,032 views

In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report, host Jon Kiger chats with Graeme Beatt, course manager at Royal Portrush Golf Club (Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland).


Topics include renovations in preparation for hosting the 2019 (British) Open... and Graeme's recent opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth at Royal Portrush.


Presented by Golf Preservations and Jacobsen.


The TurfNet Renovation Report is presented by Golf Preservations, the greens drainage and full service renovation specialists.

The Renovation Report podcasts are now available on iTunes and Stitcher!


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