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How To Obtain Golf Goats

Randy Wilson


Goats are becoming increasingly popular in golf course management, especially for maintaining difficult out-of-play areas.  Utilizing natural, organic practices--like goat rough mowers--establishes a link to the storied traditions of golf maintenance, when sheep mowed the short grass and designed bunkers.


Goats have a tougher image than sheep and are more likely to be accepted by hardened American golfers.


In fairness, however, sheep are probably fairly tough.  One of the most popular truck makers named their manly pick-ups after sheep.  I can't recall the ad slogan, but I think it went something like:


"Our Trucks Are . . . Strong Like Sheep." 


Anyway, Here At The Rock, we wanted to improve our nature-friendly image and incorporate goats into our golf management, but found we could not afford to lease or purchase goats.


Brian Nettz, TurfNet's foremost golf goat expert, won't take our calls, so we contacted Dooley Brog, a wild goat consultant with the USGA, (US Goat Association) and he helped us solve our goat appropriation dilemma.


So, here, for your edification, is "Getting Your Goat", our next entry in the Rockbottum CC Ten Year Anniversary Film Festival.



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