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Why We Quit Using Soil Thermometers

Randy Wilson


Buddy, the owner of more formal turf education than anyone else at Rockbottum CC, used to handle all our science stuff, testing for micro-nubial bacteriums, fematoads and soil temps in spring.  


Buddy has royal golf lineage, because he matriculated (allegedly) under the legendary Palmer Maples for several quarters at Gwinnett Tech.  Things went well for years, until one day, I got this feeling that . . . maybe Buddy had hornswoggled us with a fake academic history.


It wasn't the incomprehensible soil test interpretations or his fear of toads watching him that made me suspicious, it was . . . well, just watch this next entry in the Rockbottum 10 Year Anniversary Film Festival and see if you can spot the clue I picked up.  






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