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Our Award Winning Film On GCS Stress

Randy Wilson


Released in 2007, the next film in our Ten Years of Rockbottum Film Festival won The Gardner Award, the turf equivalent of an Oscar for Best Picture.  


"Stress Relief" dealt with the struggles involved in managing golf course operations while attempting to maintain health, sanity, and contact with family.  


The film has a different feel than current Rockbottum films, mostly because our modern production pace calls for shorter, more frequent projects.  We try hard to synchronize with the busy GCS's tight schedule, while also feeding the web's voracious appetite.*  


*(Rockbottum is slowly succumbing to the effects of decreased attention span brought on by social media, six-second video clips and phone implants.)  


Our modern pace has resulted in longer films like "Stress Relief" being phased out; it took 10-12 days just to shoot and edit, while a film like "Golf Techno-Phobia" required almost three weeks.  Perhaps one day, the longer form Rockbottum film will return . . .  along with balata and persimmon.   


"Stress Relief" features Katy Wilson as "Tiffany", the golf course superintendent's daughter.  Her real Dad, Mike Wilson, XGCS, makes a cameo in the film as an angry member, something he never encountered in real life.  


Teresa Wilson, Katy's mother, also appears with her now famous line "Your daddy isn't due home 'til . . . Octobuh."


TurfNet veterans are probably familiar with "Stress Relief", but for more recent additions to the TN family, we present the film in almost original condition.






Recommended Comments

The Laugh Track got me. I don't usually like laugh tracks, but this one did it's job.




Wilber Says...

Moar Feetur Layngth Feelms, Plaise!

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Thanks, Dave. BTW, Rockbottum has certainly been enjoying the TZP, especially that Canadian fellow and Mr. Tritabaugh. Looking forward to hearing Josh Lewis.


It's all been great.


Since you asked, we have been working on a feature length Busby Berkely musical using dubstep and Kiger and lots of singing and dancing and overhead human kaleidoscope shots.

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