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Golfers Who Move Tee Markers

Randy Wilson


When I was a small child, one of my daily assignments was to move the tee markers--by hand--which I did with great enthusiasm.  (This was before I learned to nudge them along with the tee mower.)


For some mysterious reason, on Saturday mornings, the markers sometimes found their way back to their original slap worn-out position and the blame landed on me.  Upon further investigation, I discovered the culprits:  Gamblers.


Golfers who played for money wanted the course set up to their advantage, especially when they had invited pigeons guests to play.


When I indignantly placed the markers back in a less chewed up spot, the blowback from the gamblers was fairly severe and the blame landed on me.  (Probably because Dad was one of the gamblers.)


Later in life, I learned the proper, more diplomatic way to solve the problem of golfers who move tee markers, as explained in the following short film:  How To Diplomatically Deal With Golfers Who Move Tee Markers


Warning:  Rated UNSUITABLE for golfers, members or members of the actual Dark Side, the inhabitants of the clubhouse. 



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Thanks, Sean


When I was coaching HS football--The Rockbottum Cupcakes--for my halftime pep talk, I would tell them that Enter Sandman was playing in my head on the sidelines while they were clearly listening to The Carpenters or Britney out on the field.


That music and the content of the film is therapy for me.

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Guest Barry Pace


Can you please please please do a revised version (same film its perfect) just change everything to ..... How to deal with Golfers who ignore Bunker Raking/Divots/Pitch Marking/Tantrum Slashers/Know Better Than You Experts please...

Mamma looking hot btw....

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